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Yoga is both an art and a practice.  It is a form of health care and integral to the wellness coaching at Evolution.

Yoga is a practice of inquiry, deep listening, skilled action, compassion, and artistic expression.

We delight in the movement and physical practices, but also in the many other aspects of yoga that calm the mind and nourish the soul.

Through meditation, sound, breathing and other practices, we explore our personal evolution and connection with the living pulse of the Universe.   Sometimes that is simple stillness, at others times it is a wild burst of Bhakti love.

We believe that the richness of the many lineages of yoga offer a kaleidoscope of healing and artistic expression, and we celebrate that variety.

Our yoga classes and workshops honor the history, tradition, and discipline of the practice with an awareness of exercise science and subtle body energy.

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We encourage a balance of vigor and restoration, and our classes reflect this.

Jennifer’s teaching is inspired by her dancer’s soul, and the collective wisdom of her teachers and guides, especially Saul David Raye, Scott Blossom, Sianna Sherman, Noah Maze and the staff of teachers led by BK Bose at the Niroga Institute in Berkeley, CA.

Jennifer spent 2 years completing an extensive Yoga Therapy Program at Niroga and offers one on one yoga therapy consultations and on going sessions.  Yoga is a form of health care, and can compliment your path to healing and managing health issues from depression, to diabetes, to PTSD, Parkinson’s, and more.  Call Jennifer at 831 601-0427 for more information and to set up a consultation.

Evolution studio offers regular classes, as well as one on one and private group sessions. Refer to our Current Schedule for class levels and content.

We also host workshops and special events with local and visiting teachers.   Jennifer leads retreats in Big Sur and Cambria that combine yoga and outdoor adventures on land and sea.