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Salon Series 2017 Continues…

Our April show with Rushad, the cello wizard was a wild ride! Stay tuned for what we cook up next and check out the highlights at the bottom of this page.

In May, the Whole Hearted Chorus, lead by Lisa Goettel, which has been meeting to sing together at EVOLUTION for over three years, and in Big Sur for over 5, showcases an evening up uplifting, spirit centered songs at their Spring Concert. Check it out:


Rise Up Singing with Lisa Goettel

Evolution studio hosts a weekly community singing circle with Lisa Goettel of The Bird Sings, as well as workshops, concerts and sing-a-long special events.

Lisa Goettel teaching Rise Up Singing at Evolution Studio in Pacific Grove

Lisa’s super-fun and heart-led group singing classes are for singers, shower singers and wanna-be-singers alike. No experience required! Lisa leads vocal exercises and teaches songs of every genre in the round, guiding the way to vocal freedom and joy.  After over three years of growing this community, the Whole Hearted Community Choir has become a hub of good vibrations.

Every Monday – 5:30 – 6:45pm Suggested $10





When Vernon Bush visits, it is a joyous celebration.  He helps us raise a powerful vi
bration of love and connection in our hearts and in our neighborhood.  Come one and all to let the song loose from your heart.   No experience needed, just a desire to open up and enjoy singing with friends.

Vernon is a singer, composer, musician, recording artist and actor,Vernon is a featured vocalist in SOVOSO and now Interim Choir Director of the world renowned Glide Memorial Church in SF.  Stay tuned for his next visit and find out more about him here:



Debbie Nargi-Brown keeps the good vibes flowing:

DSC_3983 (1)

Debbie has been leading dance and song for almost 30 years in Santa Cruz and beyond. Her singing circles promote the pure joy of singing, a connection with each other and to the sacredness of the song. She creates a nurturing environment so all are welcome to come and express themselves fully with their voice.

She teaches simple songs with a call and response style that anyone can follow and will lead us playfully into connection with our hearts and each other.   Stay tuned for Debbie’s next visit to EVOLUTION.


I am delighted to be hosting some very talented and unique singer/songwriters  for live shows at EVOLUTION.  Our 2017 Salon Series features both local and visiting artists for intimate gatherings where audience and performers get up close and personal through stories and songs. Keep your eye out for our next installment…

We have been lucky enough to enjoy the talents of Matt the Electrician,  The Het Hat Club, Hollis Peach, Dan Frechette and Laurel Thomsen, Raina Rose, Dave Holodlioff, Ma Muse, Linda Arceo, Sean Ryan and others.  Below are a few highlights.

























Evolution show Oct 1st



















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