Evolution Transformative Arts offers several options for fitness and athletic training from one-on-one Personal Training, to group classes in yoga, Pilates, Core Fusion and more.

Check the schedule for current offerings, and descriptions below:

Personal Training

Personal training addresses your specific challenges and training sessions are tailored to your specific needs. We will closely monitor your technique, keep your workouts consistent and efficient, and constantly give you feedback for motivation.

You will progress faster with the time and attention of your coach. You will understand what you are doing and why you are doing it.

All this contributes to an increased commitment to your personal evolution. That process is what we enjoy doing with you, it is our passion and why we created Evolution Studio.

Jennifer brings over 20 years of experience as an instructor and movement artist. She holds national certifications as a personal trainer, medical exercise specialist, Pilates & yoga instructor. Her coaching style is a product of solid credentials, teaching experience, and her passion for lifelong learning.  As a dancer she teaches with a particular eye for posture, body mechanics and movement patterns. Learn more >

Small Group Training

Much like personal training, small group training allows you to get more specialized, coached workouts while saving you money. By training with partners you get and give each other support, inspiration and camaraderie. By committing to the group, you make each other accountable and push each other to continue evolving towards your goals. Small group work can range from general fitness training to sport specific, to special needs (i.e. yoga for cycling, surf stronger core training, Bone Builders for osteoporosis.) Prices vary according to group size and session totals. Contact the coaches at Evolution Studio to discuss your goals and we will create a vehicle for you and your partners.

Group Classes

Core Fusion

Our unique multidisciplinary approach to core training draws on Pilates, yoga, athletic and dance training. Improve spinal health, muscular strength and flexibility, balance, coordination and posture.

Some classes feature BOSU balance trainers, medicine and stability balls while others focus on mat work and breathing techniques. Refer to our schedule of classes for details.

Pilates: Fundamentals & Dynamic Mat Training

Pilates is a precise method that teaches, core strength, fluid motion, and dynamic flexibility. Mat classes always include core principles and progressive combinations to challenge coordination, strength and movement awareness. Private lessons as well as small group training available by appointment.