About Us


Connection and Transformation are at the core of EVOLUTION,  and we use movement, music and art as our vehicles.    We come together to sing,  to dance, to play, to share our stories.  This is how we weave the fabric of community.  This is how we celebrate the kalidascope of human expression.   We grow and transform through both our personal practices and our shared experiences.

EVOLUTION studio is a place to explore both our internal space, our personal journey, and the alchemy of sharing energy with others.   We can touch into a place where we are simultaneously in our center,  and in sync with the current of life around us.

This dynamic balance is the art of well being. 

This is what EVOLUTION is all about.

Our Mission

  • We share our expertise and passion to cultivate healthy, active joyful communities.
  • We create unique environments to explore health and wellness through movement, music, play and healing arts.
  • We collaborate with experts in related fields to creatively integrate modalities for health, healing and artistic expression.

We believe our work is more than a business, it is a calling. We believe healthy humans create healthy and joyful communities. Our goal is to help our community evolve in just this way.